Sunday, 30 September 2007

The other side of the line...

Today I missed the Great North Run for the first time since I started running. Not as in missed it on the box, or missed it because I wasn't there and was pining for it, but as in missed it because I was unable to actually do it... injury has finally thwarted me for the last couple of weeks :(

So, today I was on the other side of the line. Today I was a spectator, albeit an incredibly privilleged one (see above pics that I took this morning). My toe was on the wrong side of the line for running but very definitely on the right side of the line for spectating. This morning I got to watch our best female distance runner Paula Radcliffe warm up with the rest of the celebrity field and prepare for the 13.1 mile onslaught that lay ahead of them. After taking the picture that Tom's post shows I was whisked down the course (on the closed roads with a police escort) to the finish where I stood with my nose and my camera lens as close to the finish line as I could get, and that was pretty close, snuggled in with the rest of the worlds press who had come to see Paula's debut run since pregnancy and 50,000 other people slog their guts out. Usually I'm in that crowd bobbing up and down in a myriad of colour, fancy dress, spit and sweat and I love it. Today it felt odd not being able to be part of the runners but I really enjoyed seeing the race in all of its glory. I saw Paula run her heart out only to be beaten by a spectacularily strong American girl (Kara Goucher) and in the men's field Martin Lel beat Sammy Wanjiru by a measley 8 seconds. Today I realised that it's not so bad on the other side of the line, it's just something I'm not used to.

Being injured is a strange thing and something that (touch wood) doesn't happen to me very often so when I am injured I don't deal with it very well -Tom can verify that! In fact I would go so far as to say that I almost feel like I lose a little bit of my identity when I can't train. Thankfully I have been able to swim and cycle, but there's a little bit of me that feels like I'm not complete because I can't get out there and run. I'm on the mend though and the tendonitis is making progress. I've had regular visits to our physio Liz Foley with her magic hands and I'm hoping (actually that's a down right lie, praying & wishing is a better way to describe it) that when I see her on Tuesday that she'll let me start running again, but hey, I've survived. Tom hasn't got a meat cleaver through his head and we still have all of our crockery intact... had I not been able to swim or cycle though I'm not sure I would be saying the same... but basically I've had to be a big brave girl and deal with it.

The last couple of weeks have consisted of swim, swim and swim and turbo, turbo, turbo. I've done a solid 15km in the pool this week and some long old turbo sessions in the garage to try and maintain my endurance if this tendonitis of mine is going to disappear in time to get some sort of mileage in for the Dublin Marathon. If I do get to start running again my goal for Dublin won't be set in stone. I'll still go for sub 3.30 (what the hell) but I certainly won't be chasing a marathon pb (3.22), I'll just be happy to be there and to be doing it.

We spent the beginning of the weekend celebrating Ray finishing the Coast to Coast walk and can't wait to see the pictures and hopefully get an insight into Ray's wonderful journey. And I got to finish the weekend seeing my speedy boy run a course pb (for him) of 1.21.17. I'm never at the finish line before Tom so it was great to wait for him with my camera in the press section and see him cross the line, well done Tom you're amazing. x

So I've had my spectator's hat on for the whole weekend but I'm more that ready to rid it for a new foot and a few weeks of more focused training, it's been great like I say to see the other side but I'm ready to jump the line and come back. Tomorrow I'm going to see if I can follow Tom in the pool and go for my mile time... 26mins 22 secs to beat :0 and I'd like to get some hard bike sessions in to stop me going insane.

Lastly but not leastly my very good friend Liz Yelling is running the Chicago Marathon a week today (Oct 7th) and I wish her all the speed in the world to get her to the finish in a time that she truly deserves, run like the wind girl, we'll be there in spirit willing you on.

Watch this space...

H. x


Brian said...

Great piccies but so sorry to hear about the injury. I guess that if yo never get injured you are not training hard enough and with the kind of things you do you are always having to go as close to the edge as you can. Have a speedy recovery and I look forward to your next race.

Jevon said...

Great piece and fully understand your frustration about spectating. DON'T rush back though. Put yourself in my position looking at you. I see someone comfortably maintaining fitness in two disciplines whilst recovering from an injury in another. That's a good place to be. Coming back too soon too strong could impede not only your running progress but also your ability to cycle and swim. Start back slowly with shorter distances and don't be tempted to pile on the miles. We're a long way from Kona... you have plenty of time . XX

Debra said...

I guess Liz said no running still by the fact you weren't at run club last night. Sorry to hear you weren't able to run but hope you enjoyed the gnr anyway, we've found you in th odd website pics emailed to Tom (at the finish line)

As a fellow tendonitis suffere I can only share you pain and frustration, just I don't have 2 other disciplines to focus on

Hope you can do Dublin but just remember what the end goals are, Vancouver, Frankfurt and Kona!!! Whilst Dublin may be huge for some of your fellow clubbers for you it is merely a training run, just a bloody long one! Keep strong and focussed and you'll be back before you know it :)

H said...

Thanks for all your messages guys, injury is just one HUGE pain in the ...ankle!!!

Well done on your pb Debra, brilliant news and very well deserved. I'm hoping to be running by the end of the week... I'm sure I said that last week though!!!

H. x